Stefy's Sugar Babes
2008 by Ellin Anderson


Ellin Anderson

Into the span of emptiness
Above the silent stadium,
An arc of starry shot is thrown.
Bathing the eye in platinum,
The sulfurous corona spreads
And hangs above us, motionless,
As if a silver hand had sewn
Chrysanthemums in sparkling threads —
Dissolving at the wind's caress,
A garden for a sorceress.

The vapor blossom shatters glass,
Making the hush of night contort
The way our upturned faces do
In registering the loud report.
A rosy moon climbs up to toss
Her veil of moonlight on the grass;
The clearing sky is mirror to
Receding lifetimes that will pass
And resonate with every loss —

And then the rockets fill the air,
Delphinium and sapphire-hued.
Their luminescent sparks bestow
Ephemeral beatitude
Upon the skyward gazers, made
Enraptured angels, one and all,
By the incendiary glow
That's lent to them, while, here and there,
Like loving words that bloom and fade
In quietness, the ashes fall.



2008 by Ellin Anderson. All rights reserved. No part of  this work may be copied or used in any way without written  permission from the author.


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